Policy research seminar

Aim: Voluntary seminar for presenting and discussing of student research (from bachellor to PhD theses), oriented on institutional and quantitative analysis of public policies. Target audience are IES students of 3th and higher year as well as broader academic public.

Organisation: One seminar each two weeks during WS & SS. Seminar consists of presentation of single topic with following discussion. The topics will be announced here and through policy research email forum. .

Course organizers: Jiří Skuhrovec, Jan Soudek, Jana Chvalkovská

Topics: The presentation topics are chosen from the field of applied policy research, anyone interested can propose his presentation (on email jiri.skuhrovecATfsv.cuni.cz. The initial topics will likely follow from research done by organizer’s students, colleagues or their own research.

Duties: One week prior to the seminar, presenter is required to submit one page summary of analysed situation and key points of his research including limited number of references to other resources (including non-academic policy relevant documents). One single duty of atendees is to read the summary and have rough knowledge of structure and meaning of referenced resources once they enter the seminar. In order to sustain reasonable discussion this duty will be enforced, people unaware of basic facts are asked not to attend the seminar.

Language: Papers, presentations and text communication primarily in English. Upon agreement of atendees, seminars might be held in Czech. Due to the topic selection, this may be quite likely and seminar will be promoted among Czech students.

Schedule: We meet every second Thursday at 18:30 in room 601. Schedule is below, feel free to import it into your calendar.

21.5.2015 Alexandra Blahová: Price competition in public procurement

7.5.2015 Michal Paulus: Worldwide clustering of the corruption perception

23.4.2015 Jiří Skuhrovec: Measuring negative Effects of EU funding Presentation

29.5.2014 Miroslav Palanský: Political Connections and Public Procurement: Evidence from the Czech Republic

24.4.2014 Vítězslav Titl: Sales of public property in Czech republic Fact sheet

10.4.2014 Petr Janský: Tax Havens Fact sheet
Jiří Počarovský: Political connections in public procurement Fact sheet, Presentation

27.3.2014 Jiří Skuhrovec: The role of State-owned enterprises in Czech economy and their political bias, Fact sheet, Presentation

Email conference Get informed on policy seminar in our policy research google group.

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